Utility Monitoring/Energy Conservation

For commercial offices, schools, manufacturing facilities and government facilities alike, the monitoring and regulating of utility consumption can add up to significant savings, not to mention helping to conserve valuable resources. United Green Building Solutions provides cutting-edge control and automation systems that can tie in to any metered utility, giving you unprecedented ability to monitor and manage consumption.

Configuration and installation

The UGBS team will assess the infrastructure of your facility, particularly with regard to the utilities in question (e.g., natural gas, electricity, water, or all of the above). We will then design and install a computerized control and monitoring solution that will give you a clear picture of how much of each utility is being consumed, and where/when it is being consumed, also giving you the ability to regulate these resources as needed. The installation may include sensors at the meters(s) as well as along certain key points along the pipes or lines, tied into a centralized interface that can even be accessed by remote login. This system may be used simply to monitor consumption, or even to regulate and program controls, turning utilities on and off to certain parts of your facility as needed for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of utility monitoring

Of course, the greatest benefit of monitoring your utility consumption with UGBS controls is improved energy efficiency and conservation, which can add up to thousands of dollars per month in savings, depending on the size and scope of your campus. Utility monitoring also facilitates “green” practices for environmentally conscious facilities, helping to reduce your facility’s carbon footprint and helping you meet stringent LEED standards, for example.

With our state-of-the-art computerized control and monitoring, United Green Building Solutions is an industry leader in helping commercial and institutional facilities manage their energy consumption through deep-level utility monitoring.