Security Cameras

For an additional layer of security for your factory, office building, campus or other facility, consider integrating your security camera system with state-of-the-art monitoring and controls from United Green Building Solutions. We can integrate our cutting-edge technology with most CCTV systems, providing you with in-depth and offsite monitoring abilities, as well as greater peace of mind.

Configuration and installation

Our controls and monitoring systems can be tied in to almost any existing security camera system on premises, or any that you plan to install. UGBS will assess the technical specs and range of your CCTV system, and customize a solution to integrate with it. If you’re starting from scratch, we can also provide the cameras and configure the spread. We’ll tie your cameras in to a digital video recorder (DVR) to capture the footage, with optional cloud storage also available to conserve hard drive space or for backup purposes. We will then connect all the camera feeds via BACnet drivers into a master controller that can be accessed both from a central physical location, or remotely via Internet, both for live monitoring and for retrieval of footage. We can even offer monitoring services for you, as well as preventative maintenance plans that keep your cameras and monitoring systems fully functional at all times.

Benefits of security camera monitoring and controls

UGBS security camera monitoring brings an additional layer of security to your system by providing the following benefits:

  • Offsite monitoring and retrieval. Log in to the system via the Internet. Monitor live feeds or retrieve footage off-premises from any computer, or even your tablet or smartphone.
  • Digital storage. Instantly retrieve archived video from any camera at the exact point in time you wish to view.
  • Cloud storage protects your data. Archive footage in the cloud, either for safekeeping or as a backup system in case of data loss.
  • Additional monitoring. UGBS can provide monitoring not only for your security camera feeds, but also for your system itself.

In this age of digital technology, there is no need to fill shelves and closets with countless video tape archives from your security camera feeds. Streamline your CCTV system digitally, and increase your campus security with state-of-the-art monitoring from United Green Building Solutions.