United Green Building Solutions’ controls and automation systems were originally designed to provide centralized control for commercial/industrial HVAC systems, and many of our customers utilize these controls for their HVAC systems today. UGBS controls integrate seamlessly with most heating and cooling systems, combining programmable control for all units and zones into one interface that can even be accessed remotely.

Configuration and installation

UGBS technicians will assess your HVAC system thoroughly, discussing with you such details as the number of units/zones to be controlled, the features you need, and so on. We will then integrate the new controls with your system, replacing each thermostat with a hardware/software configuration that may include temperature sensors, on-board controls for each unit, and a master controller for the entire system that may be accessed either physically or remotely. The system can be configured to provide as much or as little control as your needs require. We provide extensive training on the use of the controls, and we also offer preventative maintenance and monitoring plans as needed.

Benefits of HVAC automation systems

There are many reasons to consider replacing the conventional thermostats on your HVAC system with UGBS controls. Here are just a few of the benefits available:

  • Remote accessibility. Software-based controls enable you to log on to the system securely to monitor and control the system from virtually anywhere.
  • Full programmability, automation and control. Dictate in advance when units should and shouldn’t run. Set up a regular heating/cooling schedule based on when rooms or zones will be in use. If a section of the facility isn’t being used, save energy by turning off those HVAC units remotely until they are needed.
  • Minute adjustments. If rooms or sections of your campus are particularly climate sensitive (for example, laboratories or cleanrooms), our controls can enable you to adjust the temperature in small increments or keep the indoor environment strictly regulated.
  • Independent and adaptable. Our automation/control systems will easily integrate with existing HVAC equipment.
  • Increased energy efficiency. Zoned temperature regulation and automation can shave hundreds or even thousands of dollars off your energy bills annually, both by maintaining steady room temperatures in the zones that need it, and by maximizing your control over which units are operating when.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your HVAC system, United Green Building Services can install convenient, computerized controls that easily pay for themselves in energy savings, providing automated comfort throughout your facility so you and your employees can focus on the work at hand.