Access Control

For any commercial, educational or manufacturing facility, on-site security is a primary concern. United Green Building Maintenance can help improve security for your building or campus by implementing programmable access control with our computerized control systems. Gain additional peace of mind with programmable access control that you can even monitor and manage by remote login.

Configuration and installation

During your consultation, UGBS will discuss your access control needs at length. How many entrances and access points are affected? Do you require individualized access for certain employees? Are there portions of your facility that should be automatically locked down at certain times? The answers to these and other questions will help us facilitate a customized design and configuration perfectly suited to your facility. We’ll then install sensors at each access point throughout your campus or building, as well as a master control system for centralized monitoring. We’ll provide extensive training on the use of the system to all pertinent employees, and we can even provide offsite monitoring and preventative maintenance as needed.

Benefits of computerized access control

There are many possible security benefits to installing an automated access control system in your facility. Here are just a few of them:

  • Keyless access. Your access control system can be configured for keyless entry for authorized employees, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced keys to your facility and increasing security overall.
  • Personalized access control. Program your system to allow people access to certain rooms at certain times. Limit access to sensitive parts of your facility only to those with the proper clearance.
  • Alerts for malfunctions or unauthorized access. When a door or window is open when it shouldn’t be, you’ll know it instantly.
  • Automated locking and unlocking. Program areas of the campus to be automatically accessible during normal operating hours. Lock down sections of the facility that are not in use.
  • Offsite monitoring and control. Log into the system remotely via the Internet. Monitor and control access using a tablet or smartphone, if necessary.
  • Emergency lockdown protocols. External entrances and sensitive areas can be locked down instantly and automatically in emergency situations.

Not only does UGBS give you secure control of your plant, factory, school, hospital or office building with automated control, we can also oversee offsite monitoring for your facility, giving you even more peace of mind. Create a safer environment throughout your campus with programmable access control through United Green Building Solutions.