Cutting-edge control and automation

United Green Building Solutions provides state-of the art control and automation solutions for HVAC systems, security systems, lighting automation and more. Servicing clients in the business, institutional, manufacturing and military sectors for more than a decade, UGBS specializes in designing, installing and monitoring customized control systems for a wide range of applications. Our cutting-edge technology integrates easily with most electrical systems and networking protocols, giving our customers centralized remote access as well as unprecedented automation and programming capabilities over a growing list of applications. Whether you are seeking to enhance your building security or simply slash your energy consumption, UGBS puts the control in your hands.


Save up to thousands a month on utility bills by automating usage and consumption throughout your facility or campus.

Program and control building access for employees with varying degrees of clearance. Monitor security cameras remotely with any Internet connection. Record and store camera footage digitally via the cloud or DVR.

Program climate control to adapt to your building schedule, shutting off units for rooms that are not in use, and achieving optimum temperatures at specific times, all remotely via secure Internet access.