At United Green Building Solutions, our automation and control solutions can be used for more than just heating and cooling. Our clients use our control services for a wide range of applications, with more being discovered and developed all the time. Simply put, if it’s compatible with our technology, our controls can work with it. Below are just a few of the types of systems and services for which UGBS controls can be integrated.

HVAC systems

UGBS controls were initially designed to work with HVAC systems, so it comes as little surprise that they provide an excellent way to program and monitor zoned climate control. Not only can our automated systems improve your energy efficiency and lower your energy bills, but for climate-sensitive applications, they can also be calibrated to make even minute adjustments. Learn more.

Lighting controls

Not only configurable to HVAC, our controls can be used to automate lighting throughout your facility. Program and monitor lighting in any part of your campus from one central location, or even remotely. Learn more.

Access control

UGBS controls can improve secured access of your facility by allowing you to determine which of your employees have access to which rooms and when, or alerting you of unauthorized entry. Learn more.

Security cameras

Our controls can work with many CCTV systems to help you monitor and keep your facility safe. Learn more.

Utility Monitoring/Energy Conservation

By monitoring and programming various utilities across your campus, you can regulate your energy consumption and reduce your overall operating costs. Across a large facility, even the most incremental adjustments to energy usage can add up to thousands of dollars in savings per month.

As you can see, United Green Building Solutions specializes in adapting our state-of-the-art controls to many different applications and services. Not only will we customize your control system to your facility’s needs, but we also offer extensive on-site training in the use of the controls, as well as off-site monitoring and preventative maintenance to keep your building, campus, factory, plant or offices running smoothly. Learn more.