If you need to control and automate lighting throughout your factory, office building or campus, United Green Building Solutions offers cutting edge control systems that can easily integrate with your building circuitry, giving you full control and programmability of the lighting throughout your facility that can even be monitored and controlled offsite.

Configuration and installation

During the design and install process, UGBS will evaluate your facility’s current electrical infrastructure, taking into account the number of zones or rooms over which you need lighting control. We’ll then create and install a hardware/software configuration that integrates seamlessly within your facility, which (based on your needs) may include control panels throughout the various rooms/zones, motion sensors, dimmers, and master controls that can be accessed either physically or remotely. We’ll also make sure you and any designated employees are fully trained in the use of these controls, and as needed, we can provide ongoing preventative maintenance and tech support to keep things operating as they should.

Benefits of lighting automation

Here are a few good reasons to consider automated lighting control of your facility with UGBS:

  • Offsite accessibility. Smart technology enables you to log in to the system remotely and securely via the Internet. Turn the lights on or off from anywhere, even using your smartphone or tablet!
  • Programmability and automation. If your campus facilities follow a predictable schedule, you can automate lighting according to need. Lights go on or off when people are present. Program it, then forget about it.
  • Extensive functional control. Keep specific lights on at all times as needed. Dim the lights manually, or program them to dim automatically. Program lights to switch on via motion sensors when people enter the room. Lower the lights when natural light is abundant, raise the lights at night or on cloudy days. The options are nearly endless.
  • Independent and adaptable. Our control systems will integrate with any lighting configuration.
  • Increased energy efficiency. Save up to hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on energy bills simply by programming lights to operate in certain areas only when you need them.

With the advanced technology available, the days of manually switching lights on and off throughout your facility can be over for good. Through automated, computerized lighting control, United Green Building Services can provide your company both the convenience you desire and the energy savings you deserve.